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Learning Library Blog Selecting the right display size for classrooms
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Selecting the right display size for classrooms

By Jason Meyer
March 16, 2018
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The Innovator Solutions section includes contributions from corporate sponsors and advertisers representing education organizations, businesses, policy-making bodies and other influencers dedicated to transforming education. This is an excerpt from a white paper on choosing the right display by Epson. Download the full white paper here

Imaging technology has dramatically affected the experience of K-12 teaching and overall classroom dynamics. When considering times in which the primary way to relay information was verbal, via a blackboard or overhead projector, along with the current array of computers, tablets, flat screens and projectors – deciding what to select can be complicated. Today there is a lot of focus on flat panels and projectors. However, the big dilemma isn’t which technology to select, but rather how to support the right visual environments that help teachers teach and students learn. Whether the pedagogical style is sage on a stage, guide by the side, flipped classrooms, display-based or constructivist, getting everyone on the same page and keeping focus are key components in supporting student comprehension.

Regardless of the technology selected, it's important to understand the factors that impact visibility for students and legibility of the display, as well as how to select screen size based on classroom size. In today’s K-12 classrooms, displays are used for a wide range of educational purposes for 50 percent or more of total class time, so ensuring that the technology is the optimal size and quality is critical.

Download this white paper to make sure you are getting the right display for your school or classroom. 

Jason Meyer is the Senior Product Manager for Projectors at Epson America where he manages Epson’s K-12 education, meeting room and digital signage projector product lines. Meyer has more than 20 years of product management experience in the consumer electronics industry.