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Learning Library Blog The why behind 3D printing
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The why behind 3D printing

By Nicole Krueger
October 17, 2014
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In case you haven't already heard: We're 3D printing ourselves a whole new world. Computer-controlled fabrication is already revolutionizing a broad swath of industries, from health care to food technology.

But will it transform your classroom? That depends, says maker education expert and Invent to Learn author Sylvia Martinez.

" "We are at the peak of inflated expectations," " she said. " "Your 3D printer will not change your school. Going shopping will not change education. It never has; it never will." "

On the other hand, 3D printing can give students hands-on access to primary source materials, such as dinosaur bones and historic artifacts. It can provide a means for students to engineer innovative solutions to real-life problems. It can empower them to help others in a powerfully tangible way.

" "I hear this all the time from kids: the passion for recycling, the passion for reusing materials, the passion for making their own solutions to things and then giving them away to others," " Martinez said.

Below, she explores what 3D printing offers for students and how it's being harnessed in the classroom.

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Nicole Krueger is ISTE's inbound content strategist and lead blogger for theĀ ISTE Connects blog. A former journalist, she has more than a decade of experience as a news reporter and professional blogger.