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Trending tech for gadget geeks

By Team ISTE
May 24, 2016
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When Adam Bellow and Steve Dembo get together, it’s a geekfest of epic proportions.

“We are both completely addicted gadget nerds,” Adam admits.

It’s an occupational hazard, of sorts. Adam is the founder of eduClipper and eduTecher, online resources for finding, storing and sharing digital education resources. Steve is Discovery Education’s director of social media strategy and online community. Together they wrote the book Untangling the Web: 20 Tools to Power Up Your Teaching.

They know as much as anyone about the latest gadgets. Here are some of their favorite cutting-edge tools:

Echo Tap. This wireless web device produced by Amazon allows you to ask questions of the intelligent assistant, “Alexa." Using artificial intelligence and sensitive listening technology, Alexa can answer simple questions, control the temperature in the room, play the news, read audiobooks and so much more.

Connected luggage. It was only a matter of time before smart technology found its way into your luggage. The latest high-tech bags are more of a butler than a box on wheels. Some come with tracking devices, digital locks, built-in weight scales, itinerary trackers and the ability to charge your phone, camera and e-readers. They even come in carry-on sizes.

Drones programmed with block coding. Apps like Tynker and Tickle allow even elementary school students to use block coding to send drones on chartered courses, much like they’d use Scratch to create a game or digital story. Once students have the hang of this coding style, they can command anything from a Star Wars B-8 Droid to a smart home devices.

Are you a gadget geek too? Join Adam and Steve for their ISTE 2016 session Gizmos and Gadgets for Use in (But Mostly Out Of) the Classroom and find more conference sessions on trending tech.