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Learning Library Blog What To Expect at ISTELive 22
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If you are new to ISTELive, you are in for a surprise! The iconic in-person edtech event will immerse you in things to learn, ideas to share, sights to see and people to meet. Make the most of your time in New Orleans with these ISTELive 22 starter tips:

1. Write down specific learning goals.

Before you leave, think about 2-3 goals you want to accomplish at ISTELive 22. Maybe you want to check out robotics at the expo hall, meet a handful of educators from around the country who teach the same grade level you do or learn more about ISTE U. Whatever your goals are, thinking about them in advance will steer you in the right direction.  

2. Invest your time in meeting people.

ISTE members are incredibly friendly and social – both in person and on social media. Take advantage of the face-to-face opportunities onsite. Don’t hesitate to strike up conversations with the people around you. You never know what exciting new collaborations may arise.

3. Set yourself up to catch the fire on social.

Attendees sent more than 25,200 tweets using the the ISTELive 21 hashtag last year, and they reached more than 33.4 million users on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Use the conference hashtag #ISTELive to share your experience with colleagues and friends back home, engage in conversation about sessions or topics you’re particularly interested in or to keep up with announcements about the conference. Be sure to say “hi” to @ISTE!

4. Plan for the expo hall.

Make a list of the vendors you don’t want to miss, but reserve time for exploration, too. Bring your favorite reusable bag because there is a lot of cool swag to pick up for your classroom — and yourself.

5. Be present.

You can’t do everything, but you can absorb as much as possible by being present in the moment, whether it’s at a session, in a conversation with a new friend or watching a student engage with a coding project. Limit distractions and multitasking. The four days will go fast; staying in the moment will help you have a richer experience.

6. Get comfy.

The conference center is big. Wear comfortable shoes and plan for walking time between sessions to make your conference experience go smoothly. And pack a sweater if you tend to get cold in air-conditioned meeting rooms.

7. Pace yourself.

No matter how much planning you do, you may find yourself shut out of a session that's already full or discover that two great sessions are happening at the same time. The great thing about the hybrid form it you can attend some sessions live and watch the recordings of others later. This option has never been available at the live event before this year, so take advantage of the flexibility. 

ISTELive 22 really is what you make of it. Whether you’re going to New Orleans to learn, to network or to try a bit of everything, there will be more than enough to keep you occupied for four days.