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The ISTE Blog is where edtech experts share practical strategies and ideas that educators can easily adapt for their classrooms, schools and districts. Aligned with the ISTE Standards, these posts help educators use tech to revolutionize learning.
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Artificial Intelligence
Podcast: The Rising Urgency of Teaching AI Literacy
March 29, 2024

Will AI literacy soon become as important a subject to teach in schools as reading, writing and math?

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Minecraft EDU
Artificial Intelligence
Minecraft Education Is a Game — and a Learning Tool!
February 7, 2024

Minecraft Education is more than a popular game. It's a platform that gives educators tools to teach collaboration, assessment, coding and more.

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Cellphones in school
Advocacy, Policy & Funding
Do Smartphones Belong in Schools? A Look at Different Approaches
January 8, 2024

As school smartphone bans take hold across the country, some education experts caution that the ubiquitous devices play a vital role in communication and school work. 

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Student podcasting
Teaching Strategies
Get Your Students Creating Their Own Podcasts
December 13, 2023

When students create their own podcasts using edtech tools, they build critical-thinking, problem-solving, research and writing skills. Plus they get real-world experience and learn how to use digital technology!

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Esperanza Conference 2023
Artificial Intelligence
Edtech for Good: Experts Weigh In
November 8, 2023

The rapid inroads that ChatGPT has made into our everyday lives has brought the role of technology in education to the forefront again. Find out what global experts think about the role of tech in education. 

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