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Portfolio Reactivation

ISTE Certification for Educators

Did you exceed your portfolio deadline? Or miss the passing score in your previous attempt? No worries! Reactivate your ISTE Certification Portfolio Submission and pick up where you left off.

The reactivation fee:

  • Restores your access to the ISTE Certification Portfolio Submission area.

  • Provides you with eligibility to submit your next attempt in one of the next three monthly submission windows.

  • Covers the cost of your next portfolio evaluation, including detailed feedback from our trained team of portfolio evaluators.

When purchasing, please note the following:

  • You must be signed into using the same username and password you used to access your ISTE Certification coursework.

  • It may take up to two business days for the learning management system to reflect changes.

If you are not ready to resume work on your portfolio now, we suggest revisiting this page and paying the reactivation fee when you are ready.

Cost: $75