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A woman helps a child read something on a laptop

9 Resources for Teaching About Slavery


Topics: primary sources

A report by the Southern Poverty Law Centers Teaching Tolerance project recently found that only 8% of high…


A student looks at a laptop

5 Tips for Checking Student Understanding in a Virtual Classroom


Topics: Assessment, ISTE Certification, ISTE Standards

“I’m staring at a bunch of black screens.”
“I’ve never even met my students in person.”
“If I can’t see them, how can I tell if they’ve learned the material?”

These statements illustrate just a few of the many struggles that educators around the…


A boy and his dad use cell phone to gather data outside.

Citizen Science: Students Find Climate Change Clues in Their Own Backyards


Topics: NASA, STEM

Scientists have always been reluctant to attribute extreme weather events to climate change. Weather is different from climate, they say, and extreme variations aren’t unusual.

However, climate change…


seven portraits of K-12 educators

Adapting Learning Science for Unprecedented Times


Topics: Learning sciences

Longer class times to encourage creative teaching. Fewer courses to minimize cognitive overload. More time for socializing with peers and working on passion projects.

Grounded in the most promising…


a girl works on a laptop on the floor of her home

Familiar Tools Offer New Tricks for K-12 Educators


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

When the question is about making online learning engaging, Leslie Fisher has a lot of ideas. As a student, school was just something to get through. When she went to college, she discovered the joys of…


A boy looks frustrated while working online

It’s Time to Re-Evaluate K-12 Assessments


Topics: Assessment, Online learning

Like many aspects of education, assessments have looked the same for a long time. Typically they take the form of an end-of-unit test or something more immediate, like a quiz using a digital platform like…


Two student celebrate with a high five

Design Challenges Engage Students by Tapping Their Creativity


Topics: STEM & STEAM

Years ago, Tim Needles quit giving homework to his art students at Smithtown East High School on Long Island, New York. Instead, he gave them optional “creative challenges.”

Such a challenge could…


A girl works on a craft during an online lesson

5 Reasons Why It Is More Important Than Ever to Teach Creativity


Topics: Creativity

On the laundry list of skills and content areas teachers have to cover, creativity doesn’t traditionally get top billing. It’s usually lumped together with other soft skills like communication and collaboration…


A parent helps a child use an iPad

Act now: Ask Congress to fund online learning PD!


Topics: Advocacy and funding

As states and districts continue preparing for the upcoming school year, national data reveal the critical need to support educators’ capacity to deliver effective and equitable online learning experiences. For…


NEMOnet from NASA

NASA makes a game of trying to save world’s coral reefs


Topics: citizen science from NASA, ISTE Standards for Students, NASA

NASA’s latest citizen science project is a serious global endeavor cloaked in a video game.