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figures in black history

Let’s Rethink the Way We Teach Black History all Year


Topics: Black History Month

When Kamala Harris became the first Black woman sworn in as U.S. vice president, Amanda Gorman became the youngest inaugural poet in the nation’s history.

“We did not feel prepared to be the heirs of…


students hold anti-racism signs during a demonstration

How To Make MLK Day Meaningful for Students


Topics: anti-racism

On the third Monday of January, Julia Torres hoists a sign and marches with her school in Denver’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Marade, a combined parade and marched for social justice.

It’s not…


a student enters data from a water sampling project

3 Strategies for Integrating SEL Into Environmental Science Projects


Topics: Environmental science

Floods. Fires. Heat waves. Melting sea ice. Examples that contextualize environmental science (ES) concepts appear regularly in the news, providing opportunities for teachers to connect learning to the real…


Two girls listen to content on a shared iPad

Bridge the Learning Gap With Nanolearning


Topics: Tools, devices & apps

Many educators like myself are feeling the pressures of teaching like never before. One reason is that the pandemic brought a number of new challenges to education, one of which is the learning gap that widened…


Sonia Sotomayor giving the oath to Kamala Harris

8 Resources for Teaching About Hispanic Heritage


Topics: Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 to Oct. 15) celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South…


three school children look at something together on a laptop computer

Can Your Students Follow the Clues To Identify Facts and Motives?


Topics: Digital & media literacy

As the pandemic lockdowns began in March 2020 and toilet paper disappeared from store shelves, the Newport, Oregon, Police Department posted this advice on Facebook: “Just don’t call 911. We cannot bring you…


A student uses augmented reality to pose next to a piece of her art

5 Ways To Get Creative on International Dot Day


Topics: art, STEM & STEAM

One of our favorite celebrations at school every year is International Dot Day! 

This amazing global celebration of creativity, courage and collaboration is based on Peter H. Reynolds' book …


a woman smiles behind a laptop computer

What's in Your Back-to-School Toolkit?


Topics: Personalized Learning

This is the time of year when kids gather supplies and cram their backpacks with cool new stuff for school. But it seems unfair that students should have all the fun. Teachers need cool new stuff too!


A girl listens to a book on her tablet

5 Strategies To Embed Assistive Learning in Every Classroom (Not Just Special Ed!)


Topics: Assistive and adaptive technologies

Assistive learning strategies have long been the domain of special education teachers, who have often been called upon to help general classroom teachers adapt lessons for students who need extra supports.…


A teacher meets with a student and parents

Support Student Well-Being and SEL in 4 Key Areas of Practice


Topics: social-emotional learning

Most educators know that student well-being is important, but how can teachers ensure they are fostering a comfortable, healthy and happy learning environment that supports well-being?