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A teacher and a student working at a desktop computer

How To Teach Information Literacy


Topics: Digital & media literacy, ISTE Expert Webinars, Librarians

As a school librarian and technology specialist, Caitlin McLemore took particular interest in a 2016 study


A mother and her daughter use a cell phone

Educators: Help parents talk to their kids about tech


Topics: Digital Citizenship

The average public school student in the U.S. spends about 6.5 hours in school a day, 180 days a year. That may seem like a…


Two parents help a daughter with homework on a laptop in the kitchen

How To Empower — Not Scare! — Parents About Technology


Topics: #DigCitCommit, Digital Citizenship, Parents

It’s a very stressful experience to have an audience member stand up, say you’re wrong and walk out in the middle of your presentation. Fortunately, that’s only happened to me once, but when…


Young students in a classroom meditate

3 Tips for Balanced Digital Wellness


Topics: Balance, Digital Citizenship, Digital health and wellness

The digital landscape has changed lifestyles for people of all ages. Many of these changes are positive and empowering: They’ve increased access to education and information and provided new tools for…


Two girls carrying skateboards laughing

One Way To Find Digital Balance: Pause for People


Topics: Digital Citizenship

It seems like almost every day my morning newsfeed greets me with at least one “think piece” from someone sharing insights on their most recent digital detox. Almost always the authors want to use their phones…


A teenager scrolls through his social media feed

Reflective observation essential part of digital citizenship lessons


Topics: Digital Citizenship

John Dewey, the influential education reformer and psychologist, is often quoted as saying that we don’t learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience. That statement applies just as much today…


Students and teachers need to understand copyright and intellectual property law.

Preventing collisions at the intersection of creativity and copyright


Topics: copyright, fair use

Creativity powers the best classrooms.

Teachers tapping new ideas and tools create better ways to facilitate learning, while their students gain knowledge, make intellectual connections and…


Are kids better than adults at teaching digital citizenship?

Are kids better than adults at teaching digital citizenship?



While adults can be powerful role models for kids, peers often exert even greater influence.

It’s as true online as it is off. Yet many schools still teach digital citizenship using traditional methods: a lecture here, an assembly there, one more lesson plan stuffed into an already…


Digital citizenship starts with the person  not the tool!

Digital citizenship starts with the person not the tool!


Topics: Digital Citizenship

Why do we do what we do? It's an age-old question. From getting too close to a fire to getting online excessively, our decisions aren't always good for us.

There is a model for understanding that irrational, sometimes frustrating, human behavior. It's…