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6 Things I Learned From Talking to Edtech Experts



As an attendee and presenter at many edtech conferences, I have learned so much from the community of educators who come together to explore education technology topics, and I'm always thrilled to dive into new…


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5 Pro Tips for Surviving Your First Year of Teaching


Topics: First-year teaching

It’s a challenging time to be a teacher — especially if you’re just starting out. But it’s also a thrilling time. Education is shifting, and no one quite knows what the future of learning will look like.


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Make the Most of Your ISTELive 21 Session Recordings


Topics: ISTELive

As we move toward a post-pandemic future, a new learning landscape is emerging — and we saw its contours begin to take shape at ISTELive 21. From district leaders to classroom teachers, the most innovative…


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ISTELive 21 by the Numbers


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

After five days of learning-packed sessions and inspiring speakers at the fully virtual ISTELive 21, one thing was abundantly clear: No matter how long the year,…


Educator Bill Selak

How 9 ISTE Conferences Shaped Me as an Educator


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

ISTELive 21 will be my 10th annual ISTE conference, and it promises to be unlike any other ISTE conference. So while I plan out …


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What’s New at ISTELive 21


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo

The custom platform we built for ISTE20 Live was such a hit with attendees that it would have been easy to leave it alone for this year’s event. But we just couldn’t stop tinkering to make the experience even…


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From Shark Tank to the ISTE Conference — Texas District Rethinks PD


Topics: ISTELive, Professional development

Michael Cardona, superintendent of the San Marcos school district in Texas, didn’t set out to send 68 staff members to the ISTE conference in Chicago in 2018. But he did, and it’s still paying dividends for his school district three years later.

Cardona took over as superintendent of the…


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5 Ways Educators Can Get More Done in Less Time


Topics: Productivity

Do you manage your time or does time manage you? The lines between work and home life have blurred over the past year of remote working conditions for many educators. The feeling of always having something to…


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The Hottest Topics in Edtech in 2021


Topics: Digital Citizenship, digital equity, esports, SEL, Virtual & augmented reality

For a few years now, we’ve shared the hottest edtech trends of the year based on the topics resonating with educators at the annual ISTE conference. Although the topics themselves often don’t change much from…


Infographic: ISTE20 Live By the Numbers


Topics: ISTE Conference & Expo


Each year for over four decades, thousands of educators have come together to learn how to improve learning with technology. And even though this year was a lot different, the tradition continued…