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A teacher leans over a table where students are gathered around a laptop

Teaching Kids What AI Is (and Isn’t)


Topics: Artificial intelligence

Today’s students are the first generation to grow up in a world with artificial intelligence. But many don’t realize it.

Designed to blend seamlessly with other technologies, AI operates invisibly…


A group of students work together at laptops programming chatbots

Kids Teaching Kids — With Chatbots


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality

The client: A second grade classroom learning about nutrition.

The developers: Eighth grade computer science students exploring how artificial intelligence works.

The product: A chatbot capable of dispensing information about local produce.

Today’s students will live and…


four students work side by side on a project

3 Unplugged Activities for Teaching About AI


Topics: Artificial intelligence

Today’s students will live and work side by side with artificial intelligence. But will they understand it?

What kids know about AI often comes from movies like Wall-E and The Mitchells vs. the Machines, in which they see robots thinking, feeling and learning…


A boy works on a robotic vehicle

Preparing Students for Jobs That Don't Exist


Topics: Artificial intelligence, Education leadership, STEM & STEAM

Imagine a world where parents can genetically design and modify their own children.

Think it’s far-fetched? The cost of sequencing our personal genome is dropping, and genome editing technologies are growing more accessible. It could become a reality within the next decade or so.