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A student shows off his plants in a hydroponic garden

6 Ways the Pandemic Transformed Schooling — But Will It Last?


Topics: Assessment, digital equity, Global collaboration, Personalized Learning

After nearly a year and a half of pandemic-related disruption, going back to school this year will look unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And that’s a good thing — or at least it should be. 



A student looks at a laptop

5 Tips for Checking Student Understanding in a Virtual Classroom


Topics: Assessment, ISTE Certification, ISTE Standards

“I’m staring at a bunch of black screens.”
“I’ve never even met my students in person.”
“If I can’t see them, how can I tell if they’ve learned the material?”

These statements illustrate just a few of the many struggles that educators around the…


A boy looks frustrated while working online

It’s Time To Re-Evaluate K-12 Assessments


Topics: Assessment, Online learning

Like many aspects of education, assessments have looked the same for a long time. Typically they take the form of an end-of-unit test or something more immediate, like a quiz using a digital platform like…


A girl looks through a microscope

Measuring what matters


Topics: Assessment, Personalized Learning

As educators pursue more personalized, student-driven and inquiry-based approaches to learning, one obstacle that continues to rear its head is the inability of widely used assessment models to successfully measure student learning and growth.

Critics say traditional models simply can’t…


Inclusive Learning 365

Topics: Assessment, Curriculum, Personalized Learning, Tools

Edtech Strategies for Every Day of the Year

By Christopher Bugaj, Karen Janowski, Mike Marotta and Beth Poss

ISBN: 9781564848857

Published: August 2021

Length: 408 pages


With imagination and the right apps, students learn and can demonstrate their learning.

With imagination and the right apps, students learn — and can prove it!


Topics: Assessment

In the classroom as in court, it’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove you know.

And for generations of students and teachers, test scores have provided evidence of learning.


Customize learning with Google Forms

Customize learning with Google Forms


Topics: Advocacy, Assessment, Corporate innovation, Education leadership, Personalized Learning, professional learning, Standards

We know that students do not all learn the same way. Some need a great deal of repetition to learn new material while others can see it once and have it down. Some need absolute quiet to learn while others feel uncomfortable with too much stillness. One might prefer reading while another…


two students smile excitedly as they look at a phone

Leverage Student Cell Phones To Engage, Assess and Communicate


Topics: Assessment, Parent engagement

When we talk about school devices, we usually mean laptops or tablets. But there is another device the most teenagers own and are adept at using that can also come in handy in the classroom  student…


Two boys play a game on a computer at school

Turn Your Classroom Into a Personalized Learning Environment


Topics: Assessment, Online learning, Personalized Learning, Standards, Video

By now you’ve probably heard of personalized learning, which tailors instruction, expression of learning and…


5 mini-keynotes (and student performers) provide a dose of inspiration

5 mini-keynotes (and student performers) provide a dose of inspiration


Topics: 1:1, Assessment, Augmented reality, BYOD, Coding & robotics, Computational Thinking, Digital Citizenship, Digital storytelling, Flipped learning, Gamification, Gaming, ISTE Conference & Expo, Makerspaces, professional learning, Technology infrastructure, Tools

This year’s EdTekTalks at ISTE 2017 will feature edtech thought leaders who will share their creativity and insights in a series of mini-keynotes.

Add student presenters from…