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Educators to Reinforce Importance of Technology Policies and Investment

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December 11, 2017

Washington, D.C. (December 11, 2017) – Education leaders from across the country will gather in Washington, DC, for the 2018 EdTech Advocacy and Policy Summit, March 14-15.

Led by CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking), ISTE (the International Society for Technology in Education) and SETDA (the State Educational Technology Directors Association), the annual event will include discussions with Trump Administration officials and members of Congress and their staff about key educational policies and programs.

“The Summit is an important opportunity for educators to discuss with government representatives the learning benefits of technology today. We look forward to productive meetings and building on the gains of digital learning for students and their families,” said CoSN CEO Keith Krueger. 

“One of the most powerful ways to impact federal policies is to directly engage our members with their Congressional Representatives on Capitol Hill. This is a remarkable opportunity to personally let Congress know how important federal investments are to empowering educators to transform learning with the power of technology. We look forward to these passionate educators joining us to advocate for our nation’s students both in Washington, DC and back in their home states,” said ISTE Chief Learning Officer Joseph South.

“This Summit provides the opportunity for state, district and school digital learning leaders to come together with one powerful voice to share with our federal leaders and policymakers,” said SETDA Executive Director Tracy S. Weeks, Ph.D. 

During the Summit, attendees will hold in-depth briefings on key policy issues, participate in meetings with representatives and staff from Congress, the Department of Education and the Federal Communications Commission, as well as network with peers and industry leaders.

About CoSN

CoSN is the premier voice and resource for K-12 education technology leaders nationwide. Serving more than 13 million students in America’s school systems, CoSN provides education leaders with the tools and relationships to leverage technology and advance modern, engaging learning environments. Visit to find out more about CoSN’s focus areasannual conference and events, advocacy and policy, membership, and the CETL certification exam.

About ISTE

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a nonprofit organization that works with the global education community to accelerate the use of technology to solve tough problems and inspire innovation. Our worldwide network believes in the potential technology holds to transform teaching and learning.

ISTE sets a bold vision for education transformation through the ISTE Standards, a framework for students, educators, administrators, coaches and computer science educators to rethink education and create innovative learning environments. ISTE hosts the annual ISTE Conference & Expo, one of the world’s most influential edtech events. The organization’s professional learning offerings include online courses, professional networks, year-round academies, peer-reviewed journals and other publications. ISTE is also the leading publisher of books focused on technology in education. For more information or to become an ISTE member, visit

Founded in 2001, the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) is the principal non-profit membership association representing U.S. state and territorial educational technology leaders. Our mission is to build and increase the capacity of state and national leaders to improve education through technology policy and practice. For more information, please visit