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Pledge FAQs


What is the purpose of the pledge, and who provided input on it?

The pledge is intended to mobilize EPP leaders and faculty to graduate new teachers for success in a digitally connected classroom. While the pledge principles are aspirational, EPP pledge signers signal their resolve to prioritize strategies to realize the vision of the pledge.

The U.S. Department of Education and ISTE co-developed the pledge, with a range of stakeholders providing feedback, including EPP leaders, faculty and professional associations.

Who can sign the pledge?

EPP lead administrators, as executive leaders of the EPP, can sign the pledge.

I’m not the EPP lead administrator. Can I sign?

As executive leaders, EPP lead administrators have the authority to sign the pledge and represent the entire program. We recommend sharing the pledge webpage with your EPP lead administrator to get the conversation started. You can get specific questions answered by contacting ISTE through the contact form on the pledge webpage.

Is the pledge binding?

No, it is not binding.

What happens after I sign the pledge for my EPP?

After an authorized leader signs the pledge, your EPP will be able to join the EPPs for Digital Equity and Transformation Network. Upon signing, ISTE will reach out within two business days with:

  • A survey about your institution.

  • A pledge badge for your website.

  • Instructions for how to start networking within the EPPs for Digital Equity and Transformation Network.

  • A request to put your EPP or institution’s name on the pledge website.

What are the recommended action steps after signing?

Attend the virtual Digital Equity and Transformation Network meetings, which are co-hosted by ED and ISTE. These facilitated discussions with all EPP signers address strategies, challenges and opportunities.

Conduct a self-analysis of your program against the principles of the pledge, set priorities and take advantage of the support resources available from pledge partners to make progress.

Who should be the point person for post-signing efforts?

If not the EPP lead administrator, a good choice is a faculty champion who has interest or expertise in digital equity and transformation with technology.

How does the pledge connect to accreditation?

The pledge is a first step toward continuous improvement, but accreditation decisions do not rely on the pledge. The pledge is a commitment to start or build on efforts to update curriculum, provide faculty professional learning and ensure candidates have a broad range of experiences in online and blended learning. These efforts may provide documentation for your accreditation submission or site visit, but they are not a requirement of accreditation.

Who is going to be convening the EPPs?

Key stakeholders in this effort will collaborate to engage EPPs in virtual or in-person convenings. For example, the U.S. Department of Education and ISTE will co-host informational webinars and other professional learning opportunities to support EPPs in understanding the principles. Topics may address how to begin implementing the principles or providing examples of infusing technology.

Does this effort help EPPs make decisions about what technology to use or purchase?

No. This effort is about how to transform teaching and learning using technology. It does not focus on the technical aspects of choosing or using platforms, devices, tools or applications, and it doesn’t make recommendations or certify technology.

How much does it cost?

There is no upfront cost associated with making the pledge and joining the Digital Equity and Transformation Network.

What are the benefits of signing the pledge?

EPPs become part of a network of peer programs where they can discuss the successes, challenges and strategies of bringing about digital equity in their programs. EPPs also will be invited to biannual roundtables, featuring guest speakers, and EPP spotlights where fellow network members share their progress.

EPPs will be listed on the ISTE website and provided a link to their program badge.

Is there a privacy policy?

Your data will not be used for purposes other than communicating information about the pledge program and news about resources and events to help you meet the goals of the pledge from supporting organizations.