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No Fear Coding, Second Edition

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No Fear Coding, Second Edition

Computational Thinking Across the K-5 Curriculum

By Heidi Williams

ISBN: 9781564848659

February 2021

Length: 168 pages

Table of Contents

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Whether you are just getting started integrating coding and computational thinking, or even if you have a few programming competitions already under your belt, this book provides excellent resources, ideas and integration possibilities to explore.

-- Mike Karlin, Edtech Roundup

This new edition of the popular book No Fear Coding offers new research, updated tools and more cross-curricular connections for K-5 teachers to integrate into their classes.


Coding has become an essential skill for finding solutions to everyday problems, while computational thinking (CT) teaches reasoning and creativity, and offers an innovative approach to demonstrating content knowledge and seeing mathematical processes in action. No Fear Coding introduced many K-5 educators to ways to bring coding into their curriculum by embedding computational thinking skills into activities for different content areas.


The new, expanded edition of this popular book features updated tools and resources, with more discussion about the features of each resource and the concepts each one can teach. It incorporates the latest research on computational thinking and deepens coverage of the ISTE Standards for Students.


Also new in this edition:

  • Suggestions for extending CT to more subjects, such as music, art and physical education, and an explanation of how CT can be used in special education. 
  • Expanded coverage of teaching CT offline to help students apply it without digital technology.
  • Ideas on how to alleviate fear about the subject matter, as well as how a busy educator might incorporate more content into their already intense curriculum.
  • Insights into helping children become active creators rather than passive users of technology, especially important today as we spend hours on devices and many children face challenges with anxiety and ADHD.
  • Discussion of how coding and CT help children develop the executive functioning skills that are critical in early childhood.
  • Tips on demystifying basic coding concepts so that teachers are comfortable teaching these concepts to their students.

No Fear Coding, Second Edition will help build students’ coding and CT knowledge to prepare them for the middle grades and beyond.

Audience: K-5 classroom teachers

About the Author

Heidi Williams is a passionate coding and computational thinking advocate. Over her 25+ years of experience in education, she has served as a language, science and mathematics teacher for grades 6-8 and held roles as a differentiation specialist, technology integration specialist, instructional coach, gifted and talented coordinator, elementary principal and K-8 director of curriculum. Williams has shared her passion for integrating coding into the curriculum at local, state, regional and national conferences, and has provided her expertise for conference presentations, coding coaching, professional development and K-12 scope and sequence alignment of computer science skills throughout the curriculum.