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The Immersive Classroom

Create Customized Learning Experiences with AR/VR

By Jaime Donally

ISBN: 9781564848536

February 2021

Length: 128 pages

Table of Contents

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AR/VR expert Jaime Donally takes teaching immersive technology to the next level, demonstrating how to use multiple tools to create customized learning experiences for students.

Our classrooms are full of individuals who learn in diverse ways, and educators need creative teaching approaches to enrich learning for struggling students. When applied effectively, immersive technology in teaching can target students’ interest, provide flexibility for a range of skill levels and empower students’ choice in their learning. This book will highlight the possibilities of immersive technology to make a greater impact and reach all student populations.

With this book, readers will gain insights into customizing tools through app hacking and app smashing, and discover how pushing the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) tools beyond their intended purpose can maximize their benefits, helping meet the needs of all students.

The book:

  • Provides step-by step instructions for how to mix individual tools to create an ecosystem of immersive technology.
  • Offers examples from leading educators who have implemented the tools and techniques discussed, giving readers easy-to-implement takeaways they can incorporate in their classrooms right away.
  • Features robust case studies from leaders in the field, as well as student examples of immersive technology to support the topics discussed.

Learn how to apply AR and VR techniques to deepen student engagement; encourage creativity; activate learning through hunts, breakouts and labs; and explore ways to encourage global collaboration.

Audience: K-12 classroom educators

About the Author

A former PK-8 math teacher turned technology integration specialist, Jaime Donally has spent more than a decade at the classroom and district levels thinking about how educators can practically use augmented, virtual and mixed realities. In her current role as an independent education consultant, she provides professional development on immersive technology to districts and at conferences. She also runs a weekly Twitter chat about AR and VR education. Donally is the author of Learning Transported, which aims to tackle the fears and hurdles of immersive reality integration and get teachers on board with successful implementation.