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Tech for Teacher Wellness

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Tech for Teacher Wellness

Strategies for a Healthy Life and Sustainable Career

By Meredith Masar Boullion

ISBN: 9781564849991

Release Date: December 2023

Length: 120 pages

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Get practical strategies for using technology to reclaim more personal space and time; connect with colleagues; and make positive changes in your life, in the classroom and on campus.

Educators are feeling overwhelmed. The global pandemic brought a tsunami of edtech tools that had to be adopted suddenly under emergency circumstances, and the stress of that and other unprecedented challenges has caused many teachers to consider leaving the profession. Technology has often been portrayed as part of the problem, with many believing that the best way to pursue wellness is to unplug and avoid digital tools altogether. 

This book takes a different approach, showing that technology used wisely can promote wellness, rather than undermine it. Author and technology facilitator Meredith Masar Boullion presents research on the importance of caring for the emotional health of educators, then offers strategies for using technology to reduce educator stress and better provide for the social and emotional needs of school communities.

The book: 

  • Gives readers permission, and the tools needed, to set boundaries and get back personal time.
  • Demonstrates positive ways to use resources such as social media, professional learning networks (PLNs) and other collaborative tools to find, support and learn from fellow educators.
  • Provides suggestions for educators to share their own learnings to enhance the well-being and positivity of students, parents and colleagues.
  • Includes access to an online platform through which readers can connect and support one another’s efforts to achieve greater well-being.

With recommendations that are concrete and easy to implement, the book fosters collaboration and connection among readers, and encourages them to share their own techniques and resources for building a healthy, sustainable life and career.

Audience: Elementary and secondary teachers; education coaches and leaders

About the Author

Meredith Masar Boullion (@realtechfored) is an ISTE Certified Educator and a district technology facilitator with the Calcasieu Parish School Board in Louisiana, where she works with K-12 teachers to support the integration of technology in the most relevant and meaningful ways. In this role, Bouillon communicates with all district teachers through a weekly educational technology newsletter, website and professional development app. She designs learning experiences to meet the professional development needs of teachers, including face-to-face events, online courses and webinars. She holds a master’s degree in instructional media from Wilkes University.