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The ISTE Standards are a framework that guides educators, leaders and coaches in using technology to create high-impact, sustainable, scalable and equitable learning experiences. They have been adopted by all U.S. states and many countries worldwide.
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The ISTE Standards provide the competencies for learning, teaching and leading with technology, and are a comprehensive road map for the effective use of technology in schools worldwide. 

Grounded in learning science research and based on practitioner experience, the ISTE Standards ensure that using technology for learning creates high-impact, sustainable, scalable and equitable learning experiences for all learners.

For over 20 years, the standards have been used, studied and updated to reflect the latest research-based best practices that define success in using technology to learn, teach, lead and coach. Aligned to UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goals, the standards are available in nine languages.

Prepare Students To Thrive in a Digital World With the ISTE Standards

Imagine a world where students harness technology to become creative problem solvers, critical thinkers, innovators and effective collaborators. The ISTE Standards guide us toward this vision.

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Choose the Standards that are right for you.

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1. For Students

As educators, students are at the center of everything we do. The Student section of the ISTE Standards describes the skills and knowledge learners need to thrive, grow and contribute in a global, interconnected and ever-evolving society.

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2. For Educators

Educators have always held the key to student success. But their role is changing. The Educator section of the ISTE Standards defines the digital age skills and pedagogical insights educators need to teach, work and learn.

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3. For Education Leaders

The Education Leader section of the ISTE Standards guides administrators in supporting learning, creating technology-rich learning environments, and leading culture change and transformation change in learning.

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4. For Coaches

Instructional technology coaches help bridge the gap between where we are and where we need to be. The Coaching section of the ISTE Standards describes the skills and knowledge coaches need to support their peers in putting the ISTE Standards into action.

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ISTE Computational Thinking Competencies

The ISTE Computational Thinking Competencies guide educators in integrating computational thinking across disciplines to build powerful problem-solving skills for students.

Adopting the ISTE Standards

The ISTE Standards are about learning, not devices or tools. They reflect a vision and commitment to systemic transformational change in learning. Leaders can adopt or adapt the standards to address priorities:

  • As part of local, districtwide or statewide expectations.
  • To guide systemwide planning, including school-improvement, technology- and digital- learning plans.
  • To guide professional development planning or individual professional growth goals.
  • To map curriculum and close gaps to ensure all students can grow these skills.
  • To ensure lesson designs include the purposeful use of technology.
  • As part of a learning management system or web system.
  • In teacher preparation across the curriculum.