Our annual reports detail ISTE news, highlights and accomplishments over the year.



2022 Annual Report

In 2022, we began returning to school after two years of major disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all of its disruptions, the pandemic provided an opportunity to rethink and reimagine the future of education. ISTE and leveraged this moment to set a better course for the future and bring the joy back to education. We reconnected in person at ISTE events to share what was learned during the disruption and chart a better course forward. We expanded the ISTE Certification for Educators program and offered more free ISTE U courses than ever before. We added additional benefits to ISTE membership, while keeping it affordable. And in a historic move, we began the process of merging with ASCD, another education nonprofit, bringing together expertise in technology and innovation with deep knowledge of curriculum and instruction to better serve educators throughout their careers.

Read more about our work and the practice-changing outcomes in our 2022 Annual Report.





2021 Annual Report

As the ongoing pandemic brought a second year of disruption to education, ISTE worked with our community and revamped our programs to ensure the crisis education was experiencing didn’t go to waste. After all, disruption can be a catalyst for accelerating innovation! With this in mind, we expanded our online professional development opportunities and made them more flexible; simplified access to core programs like the ISTE Standards and ISTE Certification; and used virtual platforms to invite more educators into our global community. We also added benefits to ISTE membership, and made it more affordable than ever before, to ensure educators worldwide had access to ISTE’s best-in-class professional learning and passionate community.

Learn about these initiatives and all the other ways we helped educators accelerate transformational practices in our 2021 Annual Report.





2020 Annual Report

In a year that was like no other for educators and education leaders, ISTE led the way in making learning as successful as possible for our global community of educators and students worldwide. We developed a host of resources to help educators ramp up their online teaching skills; developed ISTE U courses to help educators improve distance and blended learning lessons; reduced membership pricing to serve more educators; moved our annual conference and focused events online to provide our communities with safer learning and collaborative experiences; established the COVID 19 Education Coalition to support the education field as learning moved online; and created the ISTE Summer Learning Academy, a three-week PD program that provided educators with the skills and strategies they needed to be effective and engaging in online blended settings.

Read about these initiatives and even more ways we supported the global education community in our 2020 Annual Report.





2019 Annual Report

In 2019, our 40th anniversary, we doubled down on our focused events, launched the new ISTE Standards for Coaches, added to our podcast offerings, released our first audio books and expanded our international influence. ISTE19 in Philadelphia showcased over three dozen diverse featured voices and hundreds of hands-on learning opportunities. We also joined forces with EdSurge, an independent education technology information resource and community, to expand our support for educators worldwide.

Read about these and other exciting initiatives in our 2019 Annual Report.




2018 Annual Report

2018 was a year of growth for ISTE. A year in which we hosted the wildly successful ISTE Conference & Expo in Chicago and set a vision for the education field on topics like digital citizenship, artificial intelligence in education, edtech selection and learning science. Along the way, we launched a host of powerful new programs and products, including ISTE Certification for Educators, ISTE U, three new in-person events and the podcast “Your Edtech Questions.”

Read about these and other exciting initiatives in our 2018 Annual Report.




2017 Annual Report

In 2017, ISTE focused on resetting and recommitting to new work and new ways to measure impact. ISTE 2017 in San Antonio featured more sessions and learning opportunities than ever before and was the launch pad for the ISTE Standards for Educators (formerly the ISTE Standards for Teachers). Other annual highlights include the completion of a three-year grant from Verizon that trained thousands of educators on mobile learning, the creation of myriad resources to support the adoption and implementation of the ISTE Standards, and the renaming and reimagining of the quarterly ISTE member magazine.

Read about these and other exciting initiatives in our 2017 Annual Report.




2016 Annual Report

In 2016, multiple ISTE initiatives helped influence education transformation worldwide. From the ISTE Conference & Expo in Denver, to the release of the refreshed ISTE Standards for Students, to bold advocacy spotlighting the need for thoughtful edtech policy and funding, ISTE’s work focused on empowering learners and providing the resources to help educators dream big.

Read about these and other exciting initiatives in our 2016 Annual Report.




2015 Annual Report

Our 2015 annual report details ISTE news, highlights and accomplishments over the past year.

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2014 Annual Report

Our 2014 annual report details ISTE news, highlights and accomplishments over the past year

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2012–13 Annual Report

Our 2012–13 annual report details ISTE news, highlights and accomplishments over the past year.

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