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Learning Library Blog Your Guide to ISTELive 22!
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There are so many reasons why ISTELive 22 is shaping up to be the best ISTE annual event ever. For one, we’ve been apart too long and absence has definitely made our hearts grow fonder.

Another reason: The world of education has changed dramatically since we last convened in person three years ago. More educators have access to more technology and are more comfortable using it than ever before. We are all champing at the bit to bring it to the next level — that is, going from using tech just to survive to using tech to help students thrive. 

Finally, there are more ways to attend the event than ever. Participate live in NOLA, watch a livesteam poolside or save a session for later and watch the recording on your schedule. 

Get ready to be inspired by some thought-provoking speakers from the world of education and beyond. 

Whether you're one of the thousands of educators already registered or are just about to sign up, we've got tips, advice and practical strategies to make this conference productive and fun.  

1. What's new at ISTELive 22

Watch students play esports live while they answer your questions about this exploding passtime. Find Easter eggs around the convention center to rack up points for yourself and your team as part of the ISTELive 22 Game. And try out the latest virtual reality technology at the VR Playground. Find out what's new this year as you get ready to join thousands of educators in New Orleans.

2. Bring a team to spread the wealth

Ushering in large-scale change to a school or district requires a deep cultural shift. Read about how a Texas superintendent used a novel approach to get his educators competing to win registration to the ISTE conference and in the process, they designed some innovative lessons. Then find out how two districts fostered unity and a tech-friendly culture by bringing a team to ISTE. 

3. How to make the most of ISTELive

What asked past ISTE conference attendees for their advice on getting the most out of this game-change event. Here’s what they had to say about the best way to have a successful and invigorating conference

4. What to expect at ISTELive 22

If you follow these seven practical tips, you’re sure to be well prepared, comfortable and have a most memorable and rewarding experience. We promise!

5. Tips for Getting the Most out of the ISTELive 22 Expo Hall

The ISTELive 22 Expo Hall will bring more than 400 education companies to the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans June 26-29 to demonstrate new and improved resources for teaching and learning. ISTE member Steve Wick offers seven tips for making the most out of your expo hall experience.

6. Take in the hottest topics in edtech

We compiled a list of the hottest edtech trends of the year based on the topics resonating with educators who submit proposals to present at ISTELive 22. If these pique your interest, you’ll find plenty of sessions in various formats to explore all of them! And while we’re on the topic of trends, ISTE’s Director of Online Learning Liz Lee has her own list. She’ll be presenting on this topic at ISTELive 22. 

7. Get a sneak peek at ISTELive 22 sessions

ISTELive22 presenters are not that different from you. They’re educators who try out new approaches and relish the opportunity to share what they’ve learned with others. No doubt you’ll find hundreds of topics relevant to your teaching situation led by your peers. Read these blog posts and watch these videos to learn more about what some ISTE presenters will be sharing: