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Open Educational Resources

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Expanding Access to High-Quality Learning Materials

Open educational resources (OER) are learning materials published under an open license, ranging from full curricula and textbooks to individual videos and images.

OER offer many advantages:

  • They allow teachers to adapt, remix and share materials at will to continually improve learning resources.
  • They increase equity by removing barriers for cash-strapped schools and districts.
  • They let teachers curate a blend of instructional materials, supplementing formal published curricula with online and self-created materials.

Get Started With OER

ISTE U’s OER-focused course unpacks the basics of OER, reviews existing OER materials and teaches you how to make the case for adopting and adapting appropriate OER. Become an active participant in the creation and modification of high-quality, transformative instructional resources.

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Learn How to Catalyze OER

ISTE and New America document the #GoOpen campaign’s key accomplishments and discuss how the PK-12 OER community can provide momentum to the growing nationwide movement in the white paper, “How a Hashtag Catalyzed PK-12 Open Educational Resources: Reflections and Recommendations.”

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Envision the Future of PK-12 Open Ed Resources

ISTE, New America and education researchers from the PK-12 OER Learning Network explore four focus areas that require further investment to ensure the sustainability of OER initiatives in the research paper, “Creating Systems of Sustainability: Four Foucs Areas for the Future of PK-12 Open Educational Resources.”

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PK-12: OER in Practice

Visit the New America website to learn more about who is using OER, where educators can find OER and how to access PD resources.

Learn More From These Videos, Articles, Blog Posts and Reports

Video: Leaders’ Lessons Learned

In this video playlist, ISTE and New America interviewed district and state leaders, who shared key takeaways from their experiences with using PK-12 OER.

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Article: As OER Grows Up, Advocates Stress More Than Just Low Cost

Explore how the OER movement is changing and how you can find quality open educational resources.

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Policy Report: Making Connections: PreK-12 OER in Practices

Learn more about who is using OER, where educators can find OER, and how to access professional learning resources with this policy report from New America.

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