Creating transformational learning experiences online

Online learning refers to learning experiences provided over a digital network. It can be self-directed or instructor-led, and it can be synchronous (live interactions) or asynchronous (elapsed interactions).

But not all online learning is created equal.

Providing learning opportunities for students through a remote and digital environment is best implemented using a variety of elements, including:
  • Learning environments that allow for rich educator and student collaboration and communication, that may also include collaboration with subject matter experts, instructional support personnel and peers.
  • Digital learning content and interactive learning experiences that engage students in reaching specific learning goals.
  • The use of data and information to personalize learning and/or provide targeted instruction.
  • A wide variety of computer-based formative and summative assessments.


Resources and Support for the Online Educator

This free downloadable collection of excerpts from ISTE books contains strategies, tips and insights to help you navigate a landscape of online learning. The activities and tools are designed for an online or home situation, or can be easily adapted for such environments. 




ISTE U Online Learning
ISTE U Online Learning

These 1-2 hour, skills-based courses will help you deliver engaging student learning experiences in an online or blended environment. Whether you’re new to online learning or are a veteran, you’ll gain fresh insights and easy-to-implement tips for teaching online.

ISTE U's Summer Learning Academy 2021
Summer Learning Academy 2021

This best-selling PD program is back! In 2020, we helped more than 15,000 K-12 educators get the online teaching training they urgently needed, and now ISTE U's Summer Learning Academy 2021 will help educators leverage these new skills to get students back on track to succeed. For just $35 per person, let us help you and your team level up your thoughtful use of technology to meet the new realities of learning in the fall.

Learning Keeps Going
Learning Keeps Going

To help keep learning going around the globe during COVID-19 closures, ISTE and EdSurge are curating free resources for teaching online. Learning Keeps Going is a website featuring an educator help desk, free technology for learning, and resources and guidance for educators, leaders and parents.



Other resources from ISTE and EdSurge

Guide: How Schools Can Cope With Coronavirus

This updated compilation of articles, columns, webinars, podcasts and more is designed to help K-12 educators navigate the uncertain times of extended school closures brought on by COVID-19.


Webinar: Using Tech Outside the Classroom Walls

How can technology tools be used to inspire learning beyond the traditional curriculum? From after-school activities to field trips to creative projects, learn how two leading educators use tech outside the classroom walls.



Webinar: Leadership Levels to Ensure Blended Learning Success

Learn about the roles district leaders, school administrators, tech coaches and teachers play in ensuring the success of blended learning programs. Examples and vignettes help you understand how the vision for, and leadership on, blended learning can be shared across an organization.



Webinar: Bright Ideas for E-Learning Design

As teachers develop more online content for students, new skill sets are necessary – it’s a matter of understanding content, pedagogy and e-learning design. Learn how to think like an instructional designer with this helpful webinar.



OER course from ISTE U

Get Started With Open Educational Resources, ISTE U’s OER-focused course, unpacks the basics of OER, reviews existing OER materials and explains how to make the case for adopting and adapting appropriate OER. Become an active participant in the creation and modification of high-quality, transformative instructional resources.